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AC System Needs Repair

4 Signs That Your AC System Needs Repair

Cold air conditioning is important during hot summer months in Kenner, Louisiana. Pay attention to your AC system’s operation so you can schedule a repair at the first sign of trouble. Look for these key indicators that something is wrong with your AC system:

Strange Noises

Many air conditioner problems announce themselves audibly. If you hear squealing noises, you may need a new belt or bearings. Repetitive thumping or banging can indicate a loose blower. A rattling fan may point to problems with the motor. Our service technicians can promptly diagnose any air conditioner sound and repair the problem right away.

Frequent Cycling

When functioning properly, your air conditioner shouldn’t cycle on and off very often. The most efficient way for the system to run is at a low setting for a longer period. If you’re noticing that your AC system cycles on and off often, schedule a service technician to take a closer look.

High Utility Bills

Have your utility bills spiked recently despite the fact that the weather and thermostat settings haven’t changed? This indicates that your air conditioner is worker harder to provide your standard level of comfort.

One way to prevent this is by scheduling annual AC maintenance each spring. A service technician will thoroughly clean and inspect the unit. If you’re suddenly paying a premium for cooling, you probably need to schedule a repair to lower your monthly bills.

Heat and Humidity

If your home feels hotter, something is likely wrong with the air conditioner. Warm air blowing from the vents often indicates a faulty thermostat or refrigerant leak. Cool air can’t hold as much moisture as hot air, so you may also notice a spike in humidity levels when your system isn’t cooling the air as it should. As a result, you’ll feel uncomfortable in your home.

Are you experiencing any of these signs of trouble? Contact Trahan’s Heating and Air Conditioning at (985) 206-8073 for a prompt AC system repair.

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