Schedule an IAQ audit and improve your indoor air quality

Did you know the air quality inside your home might be worse than the air quality outside? According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the air in many homes and other buildings is more heavily polluted than the air you might encounter if you were outdoors in the most industrialized cities.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to improve your indoor air quality and ensure that your home is a healthy and safe place to live. Here’s what you should know about the contaminants that may be lurking in your air, and what you can do to get rid of them.

An IAQ test can help determine what is in your home's indoor air.Common indoor air contaminants

There are many pollutants that make their way into homes through doors, on clothing, or dragged in on the bottom of someone’s shoes. A few of the most common pollutants found in indoor air include: pollen, mold particles, and dust.

Pollen may not be a major issue for some. But if you have allergies, breathing in pollen particles can cause discomfort. When you’re in a constant state of inflammation due to consistently breathing in allergens, your immune system gets overloaded and may stop functioning effectively. If that happens, you may get sick more frequently and severely.

Some types of mold are harmless, but others can be quite dangerous. If you have excess moisture in your home, mold can develop. Symptoms of an allergic reaction to mold include:

  • Headaches
  • Nasal stuffiness
  • Irritation and swelling of the throat and/or eyes
  • Skin irritation
  • Coughing and/or wheezing

If you have asthma, mold can also trigger asthma attacks. Certain types of mold, such as black mold, are harmful to anyone who breathes in the spores.

Dust is impossible to avoid, but it can cause problems if you breathe it in. Dust tends to collect on surfaces and in carpets. It can also irritate the mucous membranes in your nose and lead to rhinitis. Depending on the amount of dust you breathe in regularly, your symptoms may be mild or severe. Long-term exposure to large amounts of dust can injure the lungs.

What can you do to improve indoor air quality?

Despite the dangers that indoor air pollutants pose to you and your family, you can take comfort in knowing there are ways to improve your air. Some solutions are easier to implement than others, but they are all worth the effort. Here are a few ways you can combat poor air quality in your own home:

  • Schedule an indoor air quality audit
  • Dust and vacuum daily
  • Change your air filters often
  • Purchase an air purifier
  • Regularly clean drapes, bedding, and other items that attract dust and allergens
  • Remove shoes when you walk into your home
  • Open windows when possible to let fresh air in and contaminated air out

Call our team to schedule a professional IAQ test

Before you can combat your indoor air problem, you need to find out what kinds of contaminants are in your home. An indoor air quality audit from the team at Trahan’s Heating & Air Conditioning will provide you with a detailed analysis of your indoor air. Once your audit is complete, you’ll be given suggested solutions to help improve the air you breathe every day.

Once your IAQ audit is complete, the team at Trahan’s Heating & Air Conditioning can help improve your home’s indoor air quality by installing filters, UV lamps, and other equipment to purify and clean the breathable air in your home. To get started and put your home on the path to better indoor air, call us.

Why you should have us take care of your air duct cleaning

Most homeowners don’t give their air ducts much thought. However, as the years go by, dust, dirt, grime, and mold can all build up inside of the ducts, compromising your indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Air duct cleaning is a way for the team at Trahan’s Heating & Air Conditioning to clear the air at your home. Call us today to schedule your duct cleaning, or to learn more about this service.

Why schedule air duct cleaning for your home?

Here are the two primary benefits of calling Trahan’s to schedule your air duct cleaning service:

Indoor air quality

Professional air duct cleaning can have a positive impact on your home’s indoor air quality. By removing dust, dirt, and mold from your home’s ductwork, this service also removes contaminants and allergens from your circulating indoor air. Mold growth, in particular, presents a health risk to everyone living in the home.

One of the first steps you should take is to schedule an indoor air quality test with our team. This survey of your home’s air will identify just what the state of your home’s IAQ is and the steps that should be taken to make improvements. One of our recommendations—especially in the event that there is mold or mildew in the ducts—will be to have our team clean them out.

Professional air duct cleaning can help improve your indoor air quality.

Call the air duct cleaning professionals at Trahan’s Heating & Air Conditioning if you suspect that your air ducts are negatively impacting your indoor air quality.


According to NADCA, an industry group that advocates for the benefits of air duct cleaning, the buildup of dust, dirt, and grime on HVAC system components inside of the air ducts can lead to reduced efficiency. Your air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace has to work that much harder to produce the cooling or heating your home needs.

All HVAC systems require an intake of indoor air to operate effectively. A clogged and dirty air filter can block this airflow, reducing efficiency and potentially leading to frozen evaporator coils for your air conditioner as the system cannot get indoor air. Dirty air ducts can have the same effect, blocking airflow to the evaporator coils.

What are signs that your air ducts need to be cleaned?

Here are just some of the signs that your air ducts may need to be cleaned by a professional in the near future:

  • Your IAQ test shows signs of airborne mold: If your indoor air quality test from our team shows that there are mold or mildew particles coming from your home’s air ducts, you should have us clean the ductwork as soon as possible.
  • You’re troubleshooting energy efficiency issues: If you have otherwise taken steps to make your home more efficient—such as scheduling a seasonal tune-up—but aren’t seeing results, you should have us clean your air filter and your ducts.
  • Your home has a past pest infestation history: If your home has ever had rodents or other insects that pest professionals suspect may have traveled through the air ducts, you should have us clean out the ducts and remove any contaminants.

Why call our team for this service?

As noted by the Environmental Protection Agency, choosing an unqualified or inexperienced person for your air duct cleaning can have a number of negative consequences. First, you’ll want to hire a team that has and uses professional air duct cleaning equipment: a vacuum that is not working properly will actually make the situation in your ducts much worse, spewing dust outward deeper into the ducts. In addition, the wrong setup of equipment can lead to damage to the ducts or critical HVAC components. When it comes to air duct cleaning, it’s worth hiring a professional.

At Trahan’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re South Louisiana’s trusted, go-to team for indoor air quality and air duct cleaning services. Our professional techs have the right equipment, training, and experience needed to safely and effectively clean your ducts.

Call us to schedule your air duct cleaning here in Houma and South Louisiana.

Here are the 6 benefits of installing a smart thermostat

If you haven’t checked out the latest thermostats on the market, you really should. It’s almost 2020, which means technology is advancing faster than ever, making your life easier by providing more automation, more information, and more options! This applies to your home, too. A smart thermostat is a smart investment for your home because it helps you save money on your energy bills and reduce the wear-and-tear on your home’s heating and cooling systems.

What is a smart thermostat?

What is a smart thermostat? They’re, well, smart! A smart thermostat is one that integrates home automation with programmable temperature settings and allows you greater control over your home’s heating or air conditioning. These thermostats allow you to adjust settings from another device, like a laptop or smartphone, using an app. This means that you can be in another room—or another state!—and change the temperature of your home easily.

By installing a smart thermostat, you can set your home up for even more energy savings moving forward!

Installing a smart thermostat can help you save on your monthly energy bills.

Why switching to a new thermostat is a smart choice

If a smart thermostat doesn’t already sound extra sleek and cool, here are a few more reasons why a smart thermostat can improve your home’s comfort and energy efficiency:

Enjoy remote access

One of the best reasons to upgrade to a smart thermostat is that you can set your home’s temperature and comfort settings from anywhere! Simply open your phone app, check on your home, or adjust the temperature accordingly. Gone on a week-long vacation? You can set the indoor temperature higher when you’re gone and switch it to a lower temperature hours or days before you get home, so you walk into a cooled home instead of a stuffy sauna.

Save money monthly

A smart thermostat will make programming your home’s temperature easier, allowing you to save money. The best way to save money is to set your indoor temperature higher when you are at work or out-of-town. Then, have the temperature set to auto-lower when you arrive back home.

Utilize the useful features

Many advanced thermostats on the market today have additional integrated features, like warnings, tips, and home-surveillance options.

Increase your home’s value

Many potential buyers pay close attention to the state of a home’s heating and cooling system. If you invest in a smart thermostat, that could add value to your home and send a subtle message that your air conditioner and heating systems have been well-cared for and have endured less wear-and-tear..

Keep an eye on your home

Whether you’re gone on a business trip or out for the afternoon, a smart thermostat will provide peace of mind and allow you to watch your home at all times!

Receive email alerts

Many thermostats even send homeowners email alerts when anything notable occurs in their cooling system. You’ll be the most updated homeowner on the block.

How much do smart thermostats generally cost?

Most smart thermostats range from $100-300, with a variety of options in between. For example, the Nest thermostat costs between $170 to $250 and is one of the most popular models on the market. Other well-known thermostat brands include Hive, ecobee, and Honeywell.

Keeping your utility bill low

Once you have a smart thermostat installed by the HVAC professionals at Trahan’s Heating & Air Conditioning—your local HVAC service company—you can begin using it right away! It’s important to remember that buying a smart thermostat alone won’t drastically change your energy bill—you still have to pay attention to your monthly usage and what temperature you set your home to.

For example, if you keep your home at 68 degrees all year round, you’ll have significantly higher bills to pay than your neighbor, who keeps their indoor temperature at 76 during the day and 72 at night. Each homeowner has a preference for their ideal indoor home temperature. Just make sure you’re being conservative with your cooling usage so you don’t receive a sky-high bill each month.

Additionally, you can keep the doors open inside to encourage air flow. Keep all vents open as well—contrary to popular belief, shutting vents in some rooms will not increase the home’s air flow to other rooms. Use ceiling fans when needed and avoid tampering with the indoor air temperature too often.

Choose Trahan’s as your trusted HVAC team

Trahan’s Heating & Air Conditioning is your local team of experts when it comes to thermostat installation and repair. Our experienced technicians can recommend the best products and practices for your home. We want you to experience ultimate comfort at home, which is why we offer Ironclad Guarantees to all customers. Choose Trahan’s to get your thermostat replaced in no time. Visit our website or call us today! It’s the “smart” thing to do!

Learn more about our Ironclad Guarantees and why they matter to you

You deserve first-class service, whether you’re ordering food at a restaurant, buying a car, or picking up your dry cleaning. Here at Trahan’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we believe that also applies to home services, particularly our heating, cooling, and other HVAC services. Many companies will provide okay service, others will offer good service, but you should be receiving the best service from the best company in your area. What better way to know who offers the best service than to check out a company’s guarantees, warranties, and promises.

Trahan’s Heating & Air Conditioning offers not one, not two, but nine guarantees for our customers! This means we believe in bringing you the best service—not just merely “good” or “better.”

Our guarantees and superior service make us a 5-star company. Trust Trahan's with your home service needs.

Our guarantees and superior service make us a 5-star company. Trust Trahan’s with your home’s cooling and heating needs.

Choosing the right home service company for you

When it comes to your home’s heating, cooling, indoor air quality, and other important services, you should choose a company that’s not only friendly and informative, but also experienced and certified. Some HVAC companies offer ultra-low prices, only to show up and perform half the work. Trahan’s has affordable pricing, honest technicians, and stellar service that will leave you smiling every time. Why worry or struggle when it comes to scheduling your home maintenance visits? With Trahan’s, you’ll have a hassle-free experience, every time!

Our Ironclad Guarantees

Our nine guarantees are our promises to you, and serve as not only a reminder of the great service we provide, but also demonstrate how confident we are in the work we do. What other company offers you amazing service, friendly technicians, AND so many guarantees? We want to continue to excel in the HVAC industry, so these guarantees help us stay at the top of our game.

Peace of Mind Guarantee: We believe that you should have peace of mind about who enters your home. That’s why Trahan’s technicians are all background-checked and randomly drug tested. Your safety and happiness is our number one priority!

100% Money Back Guarantee: This guarantee ensures that the equipment or units we install work as we stated they would, or we will remove or replace that unit and return 100% of your investment.

No Surprise Guarantee: Our no-surprise pricing means that you’ll receive an upfront, honest quote. That’s the price you’ll be paying—no hidden fees or extra costs! Too often, homeowners are shocked by the final number at the end of a home service project. With Trahan’s, any additional work will be approved by the owner in writing before we start to work.

Property Protection Guarantee: Your property and home should be treated with respect. From your outdoor property like lawns and shrubbery, to your indoor property including carpeting, walls, furniture, and door frames, we promise to treat them with respect. We use drop cloths in all work and high-traffic areas, and any damaged property will be repaired or replaced.

Comfort Guarantee: Our comfort guarantee ensures that your home’s systems will heat or cool your home properly. If we provide a temperature range that your unit is not reaching, we will replace the systems at no extra cost.

Utility Savings Guarantee: (Valid Deluxe Or Higher Systems) You will save a minimum of 30% on your heating and cooling costs or we will refund double-the-difference of your savings not realized during the first year. (If your system is not meeting guaranteed savings, you must notify us immediately to allow us to evaluate your system’s performance)

$500 Installation Date Guarantee: We promise an installation date with each new install. On the rare occasion that your unit does not not operating by that date, we will pay you $500! We don’t want any homeowner to feel inconvenienced or frustrated.

$500 No Frustration Guarantee: If you’re left without heating or cooling due to a system breakdown during its first year of use, we will be there to help within 24 hours or we’ll pay you $500!

No Lemon Guarantee: We don’t want you to experience any sour “lemons” with your new units. If your compressor in your air conditioner fails twice in the first 5 years, we will install a new condensing unit. If the heat exchanger in your furnace fails in the first 10 years, we will install a new furnace.

Making the most of your home’s cooling and heating

With these guarantees, you can rest easy knowing that Trahan’s will take care of your home and its new systems. If you experience an HVAC emergency or need a question answered, our experts are ready to help. The most important part of any home service appointment is the follow-up—the regular maintenance you should be scheduling as a homeowner. Or, if you’d rather have us do the scheduling for you, you can join our Silver Club for priority service, discounts, and more!

Here’s how Trahan’s can help

Get started today by calling Trahan’s or visiting our website. We can diagnose your HVAC system’s issue and set you up with the service plan you need, specifically tailored to your family and home. Our affordable services and Ironclad Guarantees are just a few reasons why we’re the best choice around here in Houma and South Louisiana! These guarantees are our way of showing you just how much we care.

Making the most of the summer season by saving on your energy bills

Pool days, popsicles, and plenty of sunshine—that’s what summer is all about. There’s fun all around and free time for you and your family to spend with one another. But all that warm weather means you should be prepared to pay higher energy bills May through August. How can you enjoy your summer without worrying about the number on the thermostat? In this article, we’re offering you some great tips and secrets to save money AND enjoy the sunshine. Trahan’s Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to help with all your cooling needs this summer.

A homeowner uses a remote to adjust the temperature setting of their ductless air conditioner.

By adjusting your thermostat and air conditioner by just 1-2 degrees, you could start saving on your energy bills this summer.

Summer savings tips from Trahan’s

Here are 7 tips that can save you big this summer—or during any hot season of the year!

  1. Schedule an AC tune-up or repair: Instead of waiting for your AC unit to die, be a proactive homeowner and schedule a tune-up with Trahan’s! We can inspect your air conditioner and make sure it’s running at full power, bringing you the most in cool comfort. When you put off a tune-up or repair, you’re actually adding more potential problems to your plate. One appointment with our technician is all it takes to get your AC unit ready for the long, hot summer ahead.
  2. Monitor your thermostat: Don’t just set your thermostat to 65 degrees and call it good. You’ll face sky-high energy bills and regret it down the road—especially when you open that electric bill! Set a schedule for your indoor temperature and stick to it. For example, set your thermostat to a higher temperature (76-78) during the early-morning and late-night hours, and set it to a lower temperature (70-74) during the day if you’re spending time indoors. Most of all, plan ahead and don’t forget about your thermostat when you set it to a low temperature.
  3. Use floor fans: Before you press the down button on your thermostat, bring out a floor fan! While fans don’t actually cool the air in your home, they can make you feel cooler with using the same energy your AC would.
  4. Focus on light clothing/bedding: During the hot, humid months, wear light clothing and store those thick blankets away for winter. Use only light sheets and blankets on your bed. If you’re wearing a long-sleeved shirt and sleeping with heavy blankets, you’ll feel uncomfortable and you’ll be running to your thermostat more frequently.
  5. Keep your doors open: Keep all interior doors open to encourage airflow in between rooms. You won’t save hundreds of dollars doing this, but you’ll feel a difference! Try keeping your bedroom door open at night to avoid a hot, stuffy room. Don’t open up your exterior doors, because the hot air will rush in!
  6. Step outside: Don’t stay inside all day and make your air conditioner work harder than it has to. Take a break by going outside for a trip to the library, museum, mall, or park! Find a local swimming pool and visit often. If you’re traveling on a long summer vacation, make a home-energy plan for your thermostat that will save you money while you’re gone. A programmable thermostat can be a great help in this regard, but a house-sitter can also adjust your thermostat for you.
  7. Keep a professional team on-hand: You never know what cooling emergencies you’ll face this summer, even if all your home systems seem to be running fine at the start of it. That’s why it’s important to have a trustworthy HVAC team on call and ready-to-go. Trahan’s Heating & Air Conditioning has certified, friendly technicians who know how to diagnose problems quickly and fix air conditioners right!

More energy, more comfort

When you take the time to have your AC unit checked out by one of our techs, you’ll be on the road to saving money! After our tune-up, your system will function better than ever, which means your home will get cool without using extra electricity and putting in all that extra work. This energy efficiency will go a long way. An air conditioner that’s working smoothly means less headaches, fewer appointments, and more money in your pocket.

Work with a reliable cooling services team

At the end of the day, you want to remember your summer for all the fun times you had, not for the high electric bills you had to pay. Take some of these tips and incorporate them into your own home. Teach your family the importance of saving money and saving energy. Invest in a smart thermostat so you can control the indoor temperature even when you’re away from your home. And, most important, call the team at Trahan’s and trust our team with all your home cooling needs.

Strange AC noises that indicate you should call Trahan’s for service

For the most part, your air conditioner should operate pretty quietly when it’s running right. Some noise at startup or sounds associated with the shifting of the house aren’t all that unusual. However, if your air conditioner is making loud, repetitive sounds, there may be a problem. Here’s our guide to what strange AC noises could indicate—and when you need to call in the experts at Trahan’s Heating & Air Conditioning for service.

At Trahan’s, we offer 24/7 emergency AC repair service from experienced technicians. Call us for fast, reliable service here in Houma and South Louisiana.

If your system is making strange AC noises, call Trahan's for service here in Houma.These strange AC noises may indicate you need repair

1. Buzzing

An air conditioner unit may emit a gentle hum when it runs, which is entirely normal. What is not normal is a strange, loud buzzing or humming sound. This could mean there are loose parts, debris is inside the unit, an electrical issue, or a failing part.

Due to the range of potential reasons, it is best to call in an expert from Trahan’s Heating & Air Conditioning for repairs. That way, you can enjoy cool air without worrying about the unit failing during hot months.

2. Clicking

Strange AC noises like clicking may also indicate problems with the unit. This could be a sign of an electrical issue, like a defective thermostat, which should be fixed as soon as possible before it leads to other issues and costly repairs.

3. Squealing

A high-pitched squeal or screaming noise is a sign to call for immediate maintenance. It could be something like a malfunctioning motor or something more serious like a refrigerant leak that could lead to health problems in your home.

To protect yourself and your family, the best course of action is to call a professional. Then, once the problem has been fixed, you can safely use the AC unit again.

4. Banging

Lastly, loose parts are often translated into strange AC noises like clanking or banging. If a part if broken or loose, it may rattle around inside the unit. It could also be a sign you need a new compressor.

If left untreated, these situations could lead to more serious problems. To avoid that, call a professional at the first sign of trouble and schedule routine maintenance for an AC unit that functions properly.

Schedule AC maintenance today

Strange AC noises could indicate both minor and major problems with your unit. To keep your family safe, your air clean, and your home comfortable, call us today to schedule AC preventative maintenance or repairs.

Why sign up for an HVAC maintenance program?

When it comes to HVAC systems, what you don’t know could hurt you. Your heating and air conditioning systems are at their best when they operate efficiently and effectively. The best way to ensure that happens is by joining a HVAC maintenance program. Here in Houma and South Louisiana, join the Silver Club here at Trahan’s Heating & Air Conditioning.

Join our Silver Club and save money this summer as part of our HVAC maintenance club.What are the benefits of joining our HVAC maintenance program?

Here are just some of the reasons that you should consider joining our Silver Club:

#1. Save money

With a complete maintenance program, you’ll save money in a variety of ways, including:

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Extended warranty

With both heating and air conditioning maintenance programs available, you’ll find these savings can happen year round.

Major repairs cost far more than minor tune-ups. The best way to avoid these costly repairs is by keeping up on regular maintenance. For some air conditioners, you’ll even extend the manufacturer’s warranty by signing up for a maintenance program.

#2. Save time

Some steps of HVAC maintenance are best left to professionals, while others can be performed by homeowners themselves. Of course, inspecting, cleaning, and removing filters on a regular basis falls in that latter camp, but can be time-consuming and easy to forget.

Let the professionals at Trahan’s Heating & Air Conditioning handle the routine maintenance of your HVAC systems. This will not only ensure that everything is inspected, cleaned, and handled properly, it will also take another task off your monthly to-do list.

Even the best HVAC technicians take time to repair or replace your air conditioner. A major breakdown can cost time and money as you wait for parts to be ordered and repairs to be completed.

#3. Keep your summer days cool

Over time, your air conditioner or furnace can become less efficient. This not only results in higher energy bills, it could also leave your home uncomfortably hot or cold. Here in the South Louisiana summer, you want your air conditioner running at its best.

Keep your home conditioned comfortably during hot summer days and chilly winter nights. Regular HVAC system maintenance allows you to enjoy reliable heating and cooling without worrying about mid-seasons breakdowns.

Join our Silver Club today!

Don’t wait until your air conditioner or heater requires major maintenance or replacement. If you’re ready to sign up for a hassle-free maintenance plan in South Louisiana, contact our team today. At Trahan’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ll keep your house feeling like home all year-round.

Is a ductless cooling and heating system right for your home?

One of the most-popular HVAC systems installed today is the ductless system. Also known as “mini-split systems,” these are wall-mounted, energy-efficient units capable of both cooling your home in the summer and heating it in the winter. Also, as the name implies, these systems don’t require existing ductwork, which makes them a great fit for any space, but especially home additions, garages, separate suites, and more.

Interested in learning more about your ductless options? Be sure to give our team here at Trahan’s Heating & Air Conditioning a call to learn more about the Carrier and Trane systems we install, right here in Houma and South Louisiana.

Call Trahan's for more about ductless cooling and heating options here in South Louisiana.

We’re your team for ductless cooling and heating in South Louisiana. Call us for a free in-home estimate!

Save space, save money

If your home doesn’t have existing ductwork, getting it installed can be both invasive and prohibitively expensive. This is where ductless is a great option: not only are these systems able to provide your home cooling and heating without ductwork, but they’re also more efficient at doing so. That’s because traditional HVAC systems waste a great deal of energy just transporting heated or cooled air through air ducts to the living spaces of your home. Ductless indoor units are right in that living spaces, which means lower energy bills for you.

Most Carrier and Trane ductless systems are wall-mounted near the ceiling, which means no space is lost in your home. Multiple indoor units can be linked to just one outdoor unit—this is where the concept of “mini-split” comes from.

Ductless systems are versatile. Just like a heat pump, they can cool your home down in the summer and then heat it in the winter. This eliminates the need for a separate heating system in your home.

Zoned heating and cooling

Mini-split systems with multiple indoor units in different rooms can cool and heat each of those rooms independently. As a result, this means you can control each of your rooms independently from other rooms or the rest of the home. Spending time with the family in the kitchen? You can turn on the cooling in that room without needing to cool down the rest of the house. As you might have already guessed, this can lead to some amazing savings without sacrificing your indoor comfort.

Install a ductless system today

Ready to learn more about ductless systems? For information on how a Trane or Carrier ductless system might be a good fit for your home, contact our team here at Trahan’s Heating & Air Conditioning. We offer free in-home estimates on new systems!

Why you should schedule an indoor air quality test

Homeowners spend a lot of time and money to make sure they take good care of their houses, but they may overlook what they can’t see: the quality of their indoor air. Since people spend so much time indoors, you should be able to trust that your indoor air is safe to breathe. That’s where an indoor air quality test comes into the picture.

An indoor air quality (IAQ) test can identify any impurities that may be polluting your home and affecting you and your family’s health. This article has some reasons that you should schedule indoor air quality testing and air duct cleaning from the team here at Trahan’s Heating & Air Conditioning.

To find out what's in your home's air, schedule an indoor air quality test from our team.Be on the lookout

You may be surprised by the variety of particles that you’ll find in your home’s air. Some of the pollutants come from the outside, such as dirt and pollen, but there are also materials in your home that also negatively impact the air quality.

Chemicals from varnish and wax, formaldehyde from carpeting, and even cleaning products can linger in the air. Some of the other indoor air pollutants include:

  • Pet dander
  • Dust mites
  • Mold and mildew in bathrooms or basements
  • Rodent or insect droppings
  • Pesticides


Radon, a radioactive gas that can come from the soil, is also a serious concern in some regions of the country. Because it is odorless, you are not able to detect its presence on your own, which is why you’ll need to have a professional test your home for it.

Why it matters

People who suffer with allergies understand the importance of having an indoor air quality test, and so should you. Many of the chemicals and other pollutants can cause respiratory problems, especially in young children, elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems.

Some of the gases can also lead to headaches, nausea, confusion, and possibly even death. An IAQ test can determine which particles are present in your home so you know what steps to take to have them removed.

Contact Trahan’s to schedule your indoor air quality test

Don’t put off your indoor air quality test one more day. At Trahan’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we can help you with air testing as well as other services for your home. Give us a call today to schedule an IAQ test and start breathing easier.

Breathe easier and feel better with clean air ducts

For homeowners, their air conditioning units, heat pumps, and furnaces are top-of-mind, since they can see them working and turn them on seasonally. But, what about the part of your HVAC system that’s in use all year round? Your air ducts need attention, too, and if you’ve been passing on air duct cleaning for years, you could be seeing worsening indoor air quality. In contrast, clean air ducts can help your home be easier to breathe in.

In this blog, we’ll review a few reasons why you should call the professionals at Trahan’s Heating & Air Conditioning for air duct cleaning and indoor air quality testing.

Better air quality

Your HVAC and air ducts recirculate the air in your home, and you may be surprised by the pollutants that air contains. It is not unusual for indoor air to contain particles of:

  • Pollen
  • Dust and dust mites
  • Dead skin cells
  • Pet dander
  • Mice or insect droppings
  • Bacteria

Having any or all of these in the air of your home is actually quite normal, but—at the same time—you probably do not want to be inhaling these pollutants on a regular basis.

Reduce your symptoms

Allergies and asthma can develop at any age, and if you or anyone in your family suffer from these or other respiratory conditions, you know the importance of having clean air to breathe. Some people may find that the air in their homes is what causes their difficulty breathing.

After you have your air ducts professionally cleaned by the pros at Trahan’s, you may feel some relief in your respiratory problems. You can literally breathe easier because those allergens in your home may be eliminated.

The sweet smell of success

Another reason to have your air ducts cleaned is to remove odd or unpleasant odors from your home. With a buildup of dust and dirt in your air duct system, these odors can be trapped, leaving a lingering odor that does not go away even after you have cleaned.

If you have noticed excess dust on your air filters or around your vents, you can imagine what the inside of your air ducts looks like. Clean air ducts mean a cleaner—and better-smelling—home from the inside-out.

Keep it dry

A humid climate or major plumbing leak may mean you are more likely to have a mold problem in your home. Air duct cleaning can remove that extra moisture that may accumulate and encourage mold growth. It might also be a good idea to talk to your Trahan’s technician about a dehumidifier for your home.

Call Trahan’s for air duct cleaning here in South Louisiana!

There is no time like the present to have clean air ducts! Contact our team here at Trahan’s Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your cleaning, both for clean air and peace of mind.